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6 Week 20lbs Challenge

Intake Form for 6 WEEK $247.00 SPECIAL W/O SUPPLEMENTS

Intake Form - Step 1 of 6




Terms of Service

1. A successful body transformation entails weight loss on OUR company’s scale.) We reserve the right to terminate your agreement for lack of compliance. If you do not comply with the program. (e.g. miss workouts, do not follow nutrition and supplementation plan as outlined in this event, we will NOT issue a refund.)
2. You understand that you must complete five (5) days of Travis Garza workouts per week (Camp or YouTube Workout and that each day you must check-in and tag Bernadette and Pat on Facebook and write a short sentence or post picture.
3. You must text toes on scale weight on Sundays and Wednesdays.
4. Photos and videos are regularly taken during workout sessions to be used to inspire others and encourage a healthy lifestyle. All photos and videos are displayed on social media outlets to motivate others to work hard to achieve their goals. As such, all members agree to allow their pictures and videos to be posted to social media outlets.
5. You must change your Facebook profile picture to the red “G” picture for the entire 6 Week Challenge.
6. The meal plan that you will receive belongs to Travis Garza and TLC Fitness. It is NOT to be shared with anyone. If we discover that you have distributed or shared the meal plan, you will be removed from the Challenge and will NOT receive a refund.
7. We believe our clients are my best advertisement. We strive to do everything in our power to push our clients to be their best. By initialing, you agree to let us push and motivate you the best way we know how.
8. If you are a returning 6 Week Challenger within the past 12 months, your starting weight for this Challenge will be your most recent final weigh-out weight plus 5 pounds if you weigh more than your previous final weigh in weight.
9. WE ONLY WANT TO WORK WITH MOTIVATED “A” PLAYERS – not talkers or pretenders. BY SIGNING AND INITIALING this agreement, there is NO backing out or cancellation!!! The $347 is nonrefundable FOR ANY REASON. If you have any hesitations, do us both a favor and DO NOT ENROLL.