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We offer a warm, family-like environment full of support. Many of the people running the camp have also fought weight loss and won. We understand the obstacles and the actions needed to reach fitness goals, which makes us unique. The fight of staying fit never stops.

Our Gym

Located at the Menards mall in Hammond, Indiana, our 5000 sq. ft gym offers a spacious workout environment for our campers. With equipment ranging from free weights, exercise bands, stability balls, heavy fitness ropes, and more, there is no shortage of equipment to ensure you get the most out of your workouts.

The floor in the entire gym is made of a 2″ thick soft mat to help soften floor contact during high-impact exercises. Parking is free. 



“Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome.”

At the end of every 6-week challenge, we have a weigh-out celebration. Here is an example of how we celebrate every pound and every ounce lost. 

Our 3 Strategies to Weight Loss

Meal Plan

Accountability Coach

Gym Access

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to workouts?

5 pound weights, a towel, a yoga matt, and water.

Are masks required?

No, but if you’re feeling sick, please stay home and do your workout virtually.

What are the benefits of the accountability coach?

The accountability coach keeps you motivated to obtain your fitness goal.

How many workouts should I do in 1 day?

You should workout once a day and 4 times per week.

Is the camp only for women?

No, it is for all genders.

What is the age requirement?

The minimum age is 13. People ages 13-17 must have a parent present at all times. 

If I lose 20 pounds during the 6-week 20-pound challenge, is my next challenge free?

YES! In addition, if you continue to lose 20 pounds or more during the following challenges, you will continue to get those challenges for free. For example, we’ve had challengers do up to 5 challenges for free because they’ve lost at least 20 pounds every 6 weeks.

Do I have to do all my workouts at the camp?

No, but to assure you’re getting a full body workout, we highly suggest you do your workouts at the camp.

Do I have to follow the meal plan as written?

Yes. The only exception is if you have allergies to food on the plan, in which case we will substitute that food for another choice.

How are we notified of any emergencies such as snow days or camp closings?

You must be a member of our facebook group page to stay updated on any emergenceis or updates.

Am I required to have a facebook page?

No, but it is highly recommended to stay up to date on any updates and changes, as this is our primary means of communication internally. 




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