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Whether you’re in for the long haul or need to shed a quick 20 pounds, we have the membership program that’s right for you. From beginner to expert level fitness instruction, our programs are designed to meet you where you are.


  • $247 for 6 weeks or….
  • FREE afterwards if 20 pounds is lost in 6 weeks

The 20 lb. 6 Week Challenge is design for the dedicated to lose weight at a  healthy and progressive pace. With our proprietary meal plan and fat shocking workouts clients are seeing positive results.

Sign ups for the 6 Week challenge is every 6 weeks. Check this website, Facebook or Instagram for orientation sign up dates.


Monthly Membership

  • $59 / mo for 6 mo
  • $49 / mo for 1 year

All access to all workouts any day of the week. No waitlist, just walk in, work out and you are done in 40 minutes! Members can receive a meal plan consistent with their needs. Also with membership, a Care Coach to support healthy living is provided.
Sign ups for membership are ongoing at anytime.

6 month sign up

12 month sign up

6 Week Total Body Shred challenge

  • $60 for 6 weeks
  • 2 day / week limit for non-monthly members.

For those who are close to their weight loss goals and is looking to grow muscle mass with heavier weights, Total Body SHRED is for you. This class is taught by renowned award-winning weight lifter Coach Markane. A meal plan is provided along with an assigned Care coach. Check website, Facebook or Instgram for orientation dates.
Sign ups for SHRED is every 6 weeks.


3 Week Jumpstart challenge

  • 3 weeks $99

For those who are interested starting their weight loss journey with a 21 day get started entry, the 3 Week Jumpstart is for you. Much like the 6 Week Challenge, your goal is to enjoy seeing the pounds drop while being provided a meal plan just for you. Care coaching is provided.
Sign ups dates are listed on our website, Facebook or Instagram. As incentives, if you lose 7 pounds during this challenge, you’ll receive a $50 discount off the next 6 week challenge.


5 week Alumni Challenge

  • $99 for 5 weeks
  • Available for returning former members ONLY

This is for previous Challengers or Tribe members wanting a reset in losing unhealthy pounds.


Every member gets

  • An accountability coach to keep you on track.
  • A meal plan designed by us.
  • Access to the gym.



“Since coming to the fat loss camps, I found tremendous results in my endurance health and fitness. 3 years ago, I noticed my sister in law had slimmed down. I asked her for the secret and she directed me to the fat loss camps. As I’m blessed to be able to share this with my family and friends.”

Chelsea Whittington

“When I first started, my blood sugar was at 400. Currently its at 100. By doing this program, my blood sugar lowered. My doctor told me to stay in the program and sooner or later I’d be off the medication.”


“2 weeks after starting, the doctor revealed to me that after 10 years of being on Metformin (diabetes pill), I’m finally off. Recently, I went back to the doctor a week ago and he just released me off Amlodipine (high blood pressure pill) which I’ve been on for over 5 years.”





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